Sunday, May 31, 2009

a test...

=====March 21 a test (imgs above & left)
From what I can tell I am somewhat retarded in my progress. The neurologists typically only spend a few weeks at the level that I am working on before moving on, whereas for now I seem to be quite happy to continue at the current suppressing of 2-5, and increasing 12-15.

Today I decided on a test. I need to finish off a paper for a local conference presentation on software hox genes, and need to come up with good examples/explanations. The ones in my software do not work well for the presentation as they require too much background, and would bore everyone to tears. So in this 'eeger session' I decided to switch back and forth between doing the standard put my mind in a state to produce the waves that I wanted, and occasionally to flip over thinking about the examples/explanations.

So first off, if you look at top left image this is waves from the previous day and not mucking around with thinking other thoughts. This way you can tell the affects of trying to do useful work.
The next two are a couple that I grabbed during the session. There is a bit of a problem with cherry-picking these, as I have to grab something, and tend to grab when they look pretty reasonable, so these are done when I am fairly pleased with the state, and may not be representative of the entire session (especially the first 10 minutes or so). So I really should be picking 2, one being a minimum, & the other my 'cherry pick' to give a true representation. Will do that next time.

Anyway, I think you can see the previous days image was definitely a 'better' wave, so there was some cost to the session.

On the idea front, I picked up 5 fairly decent ideas/ways to explain. Definitely along the lines of 'nibbling away at the big problem'. So nothing astounding, but definitely was in the mood to work with it, and was happy with the result. It was the type of idea session where you feel like you have improved your understanding.

without going into detail the ideas were:
  1. issue is that hox would work best in a quantum computer, where everything is working at once, digital computers are a poor substitute.
  2. repressors for hox genes need repressor switches for detecting changes in environment that would switch them off
  3. in digital world, a poor but necessary substitute is the idea of a membrane that determines what segment of the network is visible, and what hox genes are being acted on
  4. chemical soups are totally ideal, as in this case we have many hox in many states (law of large numbers, with enzymes acting like single core CPUs)
  5. important to point out that there are no order dependencies in how animation engines do their jobs, as it will all fall out in the end. Obviously using hox genes in digital world not optimized for speed.
It comes down to how you measure, this is a philosophical area where measurements can only be done comparatively without hard numbers, but I am happy.

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