Sunday, May 31, 2009

minute by minute

===============April 14

Thought it might be of interest to send out an EEG session where you could see the gradual change minute by minute, rather than just towards the end which is what I have been sending out.

Start of session (above)

at 2 minutes, some calming in the lower wave
at 3 minutes, notice lower wave starting to settle
at 10 minutes, getting more high alpha (top line) activity, with negative impact to 2-5 on bottom
at 22 minutes, pretty much same as 10 minute activity
at 25 minutes, slightly more high level alpha

Now that was pretty much the end of the session, with some negative impact from having to operate the mouse to capture images. But I thought I would also include a snapshot of a session that was rather remarkable, and unfortunately very rare. I was not capturing gamma, so will never know for sure if maybe this is the gamma-symmetry they were talking about, but the state change was quite remarkable, and somehow effortless (although to date I have been unable to duplicate it). It was definitely a feeling of intense awareness & oneness. I would have to say that if I can teach myself to flip over to this state voluntarily it would be worth years of training.

Of course it figures that during this time I was on-call & was paged, and had to work on some production problems in the servers. Even so, the feeling although diminished, did not completely leave & I happened to capture what it looked like when I got done with the work issues, which is shown below. I think the end goal would be to maintain these states while working. I find it remarkable that I have made as much headway as I have, especially considering I only do 30 minute sessions. I sometimes find the sessions taxing, as if the brain is an overused muscle, or as if it has not adopted to its new state, that the new state is not me, but rather a different version, a different projection. I seem to have gotten past the occasional problem with dizziness & needing to breathe more deeply, but this may be that my recent sessions have not been particularly good in the high alpha.

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