Sunday, May 31, 2009


======May 17 Brains, where have they gone
So you may be wondering what happened with the brain blog. The simple answer is that I took apart my EEG machine one time too many, and seemed to have destroyed it! The unfortunate thing is that the way it was constructed its not easy to just replace a board, as instead of using molex connectors between the boards, there is a bunch of wires soldered from board to board, which is ok while everything is working, and annoying as hell when it comes time to fix it.

The ones I am building use molex connectors, but my construction is unfortunately remarkably slow as everytime I find something I am unhappy with I order different parts, I am probably being too anal, but I am sure Monk would be proud of me.

But the good news is there is one report I have not sent out yet, and it is a doozer (not sure that word is in the dictionary, so take it as somewhere between dozing, and Wow(!)).

I wanted to find out if these machines would work for Gamma, so while training in the high alpha, and suppression of 2-5, I also monitored Gamma. Well of course, the Gamma was totally fascinating because this is what they looked at on the Buddhist monks that have been meditating for 20years. The monks had this very large gamma wave signature, which the neurologists interpret as increased consciousness. Since I don't know if I have 20 years, my approach is the 'better living through technology', and there are reports out there that say you can use EEG's to duplicate 20 years of meditating in 6-12 months.

So without further ado, here are some screenshots of gamma. The last one 'brain15lows.jpg' is interesting because this is an example of what I started with in one session, so you can see how much you can change your brain by simply using an EEG & attention. Notice I did not say focus, because focus is a narrowing, and you are actually trying to do the opposite. I am not sure that I can describe it, but I would have to say that there are times when you would want high alpha, and other times when high gamma would be good for whatever you are trying to do. Either is very interesting to be experiencing first hand. If I lived about 2000 years ago, maybe I would also take up some mushrooms & become a soothsayer since they were still buying into that back then. Now the best I can hope for is to put out an EEG manifesto & tell people why I think it is a good idea.

I am hoping I have finally found all the ways I do not want to build the EEGs, and will soon have some working ones ready to go. But this will be the last report until I manage to fix the current one, or build the new ones.

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  1. It's sad but a bunch of researches now convinced that Gamma wave registered in EEG is just an artifact, and it's not generated by brain actually... :(
    (i.e. it can be measured correctly only with intracranial electrodes)