Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheap EEGs

I had held off in putting up this blog until I decided I would have something interesting to say (which is why all the dates are messed up). But now that I am thinking this may have a wider audience, its time to list out where to get the EEG machines reasonably.

Open Source Modular EEG $200-$300, 2+ channel, but has to be assembled. --this is the one I am currently using, and building some as well. If you build your own, I have designed an easy to use EEG headset that can be put together very cheaply, and works through thick hair.

Brain Master Technologies $1200+ 2-4 channel. My understanding is that if you tell him you have interest in the open source eeg community he will give a discount. Every now & then these show up on eBay, go for around $700.

NeuroSky $199 single channel. If this works, this is totally exciting. I have one on order, & will compare to the Open Source EEG & then post the results. If it is a viable alternative, then its definitely the way to go for experimenters that do not have deep pockets, or lots of time to build their own. Interesting also in that they have created their own ASIC (the 'think gear' image above), if the intent is to market this to medical manufacturers then it could be the real thing.

Emotiv $299 , looks totally space age, but they have intentionally disabled the ability to get to the EEG functions! What were they thinking? Not sure if it could be hacked. Not yet out late May 2009. If anyone hacks this, please contact me as it appears this would have roughly 6 channels. I have one of these on order as well, but not sure if I will follow through on the order, as I wonder how much they have done to hide the encoding, or possibly placed filters that would limit its usefulness.

Mattel MindFlex Game

Control a foam ball by mental activity. For kids, $79, not sure what they are measuring, but connects as an EEG would to head & earlobes.

Star Wars, The Force Trainer
Level of the ball in the tube that you 'levitate through focus' (and a little help from some fans) with 15 different levels of difficulty. $139. Again not sure what they are measuring , but interesting in that they have separated it into 15 different levels. Alpha? Gamma? If anyone hooks themselves up to this with an EEG at same time, perhaps they could email me with some actual data

Comment if you know of other inexpensive EEGs


  1. Chinese friends manufacture cheap EEG device too - I have one, and it's 16 channel with price of only $1200.
    I'm now trying to get most of it but have to wait until I can buy electrocap, paste & etc... (those electrodes coming with device are old-style saline-based & not very convenient)

  2. Hello, I would like to know your opinion and test results of NeuroSky device. Is it worth buying?