Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summary of proposed EEG talk for Infotec 2010 | SpeakerText

Summary of proposed EEG talk for Infotec 2010 | SpeakerText

This is a youTube talk that I put up as a proposal for the Infotec conference, off the beaten track for the conference, but interesting in that I used the SpeakerText translation service which was definitely cool.


  1. How does that software work? Did you just speak, and it created the text? Pretty cool.
    When is the conference?

  2. Hi there!

    I'm really interested in making a smartphone app that logs your EEG rhythm throughout the day.

    I'm deciding right now between the Mindset and the Emotiv EPOC -- the EPOC looks great with 14 sensors, but I'm wondering if it'll be possible to get the raw data out? Your blog makes it sound like this is tough -- I can't quite make sense of the EPOC site (many SDKs to purchase ... and I imagine something is necesarry for raw data ...)

    My hope is to make something that lets people casually track their EEG -- so a $200 mindset is preferable to a $500 EPOC + developer SDK ... but I don't know if it's easy to log off of the consumer EPOC

    Anyhow, your opinion'd be appreciated. I'm at mpnagle - at - gmail dot com. It'd be fun to chat regardless... I'm a fan of the little lisper and appreciated your reference to it!