Friday, April 2, 2010

In the moment..

I have been on a long posting hiatus. I wanted the test of time to see if I would stick with the neuro-feedback, if I would continue to find it valuable, or if it was a passing fad. I now have more opinions based on experience that I hope will be useful.

This morning I watched a TED talk that dealt with being in the moment. This is a short talk (7 minutes) by Patsy Rodenburg that discusses being in the present, and the insights it has given her. This is of particular interest as this is effectively the Open Focus technique that I have found to be my favorite for practicing the neuro-feedback...

So it comes down to how we are experiencing the present, how we form our current state of mind.

I am slowly becoming able to identify the feel of certain neural states. More importantly I am slowly becoming able to switch states without the EEG. It is not a skill like reading where you can simply do it. It takes time and practice, and cannot always be called on. It is always a reach to change, but the reach becomes easier with practice. Just like any skill, you can be 'on your game', or 'off your game'.

The idea that we form our state of mind intentionally, and can change its current makeup by the brainwaves we are choosing to produce is an interesting evolutionary direction. The Neuro-feedback training is a faster way to experience what Patsy Rodenburg was discussing in her TED talk. Who would not want to be more connected? And I am not talking Linked-In or Facebook!

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