Sunday, May 31, 2009

lasting effects

============March 13 (associated images appear above)

Another EEG practice report...

I was trying some experiments to see how large an amplitude I could get the 12-15 hz without worrying about what happened to the 2-5 hz. Then I wanted to try switching to lowering the 2-5 hz all in the same session. Note that I do not seem to have the control to both raise the one & lower the other, at least not yet. Anyway the ability to control brain frequencies is definitely there in all of us, with corresponding changes in focus, attitude, and perception of stress. Currently I notice lasting effects from anywhere from none upto maybe the majority of the day. The none was actually the day of doing the 2 jpegs I am sending. If I am tired from night job activities (we had issues at 11:40, then 2:30 in morning, then in to work at 7) then I will not be right regardless. So somewhat limited in what it can make a difference in. However, used to be I could not even vaguely change waves when I was tired, so that I was able to modify them while tired in this case was interesting

Okay, now for some books that look interesting. The first one (if you were here you would hear some choking sounds in that this definitely not the type of book I would normally recommend, but worth reading the comments on it) I think has a basis from the effects I have seen when trying the 'compassion' meditation. Definitely improves mood, and there must be a physiological / genetic basis for it. Could well be some of the underpinnings of religion & society in general. So, if anyone wants to try this or the other books mentioned here, let me know & I will send a copy.

The second one is by a neuroscientist, and discusses best practices for keeping a healthy brain, including diet.

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